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A glance at the history and future of natural water bottle manufacturers 

Bottled water is a vast term used for drinking water like water from a well, mineral water, distilled water, or spring water. Water from these sources can be packaged in plastic or glass bottles and is sold as bottled water. Many natural water bottle manufacturers utilize water from natural sources such as spring water. Bottled water can be carbonated as well, but not always. The size of containers varies from small 300 mL bottles to big water coolers. 

History of natural water bottle manufacturers 

Vessels to transport water have been part of human civilization since the beginning. However, bottling water originated in the United Kingdom in 1621 when water from the Holy Well was bottled. With the popularity of spa-going and water therapy concepts, the demand for bottled water surged in Europe, America, and their colonies throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.  

Jackson’s Spa first brought about the commercialization of bottled water. They sold bottled water in Boston in 1767. Many other natural water bottle manufacturers started springing up as carbonated water was also gaining popularity around the same time. In 1809, Joseph Hawkins filed for the first patent in The US for the ‘imitation’ of mineral water. Technological advances throughout the 19th century, such as cheaper glass and plastic bottles, acted as the catalyst for the process. 

The early buyers believed that bottled water had therapeutic effects. They assumed that the mineral spring water could treat several ailments. Along with drinking, they also bathe in the same water to treat their skin problems. However, around the 20th century, the popularity plunged due to concerns about chlorination and other water-borne diseases. Nevertheless, it remained popular in Europe and went back to The US later as premium mineral water manufacturers started their game.  

Future for premium mineral water manufacturers

The current value of bottled water is estimated to be $217.66 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.1% by 2028. The top reasons include high portability, minimal maintenance, easy usage, and installation. Rising awareness in consumers and potential health benefits are other significant reasons. Another interesting fact is that younger consumers are more inclined towards bottled water than ordinary water. 

Due to these reasons, restaurants also provide bottled water to customers. It is a reflection of the quality of their food and service. Further, it is projected that the demand is expected to go up in The US market in the upcoming years. Several premium mineral water manufacturers are also foraying into new markets like flavored water and sparkling water. These products are gaining global attention as this is a new concept. 

Due to the growth and popularity, strict regulations have been imposed by the FDA in The USA. It has been a tool for consumers to identify reliable brands and products.

With the ongoing pandemic, the bottled water business has witnessed global growth. Manufacturers have boosted production to meet the surge in demand. Related businesses like bottle manufacturing are also witnessing subsequent growth. 

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